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Icono alto Height:
15 cm
Icono ancho Width:
78 cm
Icono fondo Depth:
57 cm

Petrified Wood Sinks are made from a log of petrified or fossilized wood. This material is also called Xylopal.

Petrified Wood Washbasins

Petrified wood sinks are made with fossil wood or also called Xilopalo. Xilopalo is a mineral that was obtained when trees were buried under a thick layer of volcanic ash for millions of years, then the organic matter of the tree is replaced by mineral substances. The presence of iron, copper and manganese present in the water, together with the sediments, give each piece different shades and colors, thus making each piece unique and exclusive. No two are the same.

At Arrelart we select each one of them to obtain the best collection of petrified wood sinks, photographing each one of them individually as each one is unique and different from the others. All of them properly treated and polished to be used as sinks. On the outside of the pieces we like to preserve their natural texture where you can see the petrified bark of the tree, although it is also possible to polish them on all surfaces and make more conventional designs with straight lines.

Natural materials are preferred by decorators and interior designers, they manage to create a pure and natural atmosphere at the same time that they elegantly decorate any space. If you combine the furniture with harmony, you will turn your bathroom into a place where you can escape from the world and relax.

These sinks are a real gem for your bathroom.

How to choose Petrified Wood Washbasins

The presence of iron, copper and manganese present in the water and in the sediments where these trunks have been buried, give each Xylopal different shades and colors. Therefore, we have many colors to choose from depending on the decoration of our bathroom.

If your bathroom has dark tones, you can choose from our wide range of pieces in black or brown, and if its shape is irregular, it is better to combine them with straight furniture.

If the decoration of your bathroom is in light colors, we also have a wide variety of sinks in more neutral colors, from beige to white and with the perfectly preserved outer structure of the bark.

We can make sinks in this material that are fully polished and with straight lines for a more conventional bathroom.

Any petrified wood sink is a luxury piece for your bathroom.