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The small details are important in the decoration of your home. These side tables are perfect to decorate any corner of your home with style. Solid tropical wood, or exotic petrified wood ... nature has been commissioned to draw their different strokes for each one of them.

These auxiliary tables are perfect to decorate any corner of your home with style. Small details are important in decorating your home. Within our catalog, you will find them made of tropical solid wood or exotic petrified wood. With our Tables and Small Tables, nature has been in charge of drawing its different brushstrokes for each one of them.

These are the small tables that at Arrelart we offer you to decorate your home and make your home a different place where nature enters to become part of your home.

Natural and high quality coffee tables mixed with elegant designs and carved with great precision.

The world of interior decoration is incredibly vast. It does not take much research to realize that there are many different styles and functionalities that can be given to the same piece of furniture. All this to make your home a different and comfortable place.

We all know the importance of having a good table next to our bed. They are what we know as bedside tables. The truth is that they are a success because at the end of the day, at the table itself we can leave our mobile phone, glasses, accessories or something very typical, a reading book.

All these objects would end up on the floor without a good table of these characteristics. However, this type of furniture is not limited to complementing the beds. Nothing is further from reality since we can also find them as auxiliary or decoration tables for other types of rooms. And of course with thousands of designs and materials.

Next we will mention the most famous styles currently and that are trending. So that you can get a slight idea of ​​how big the market is in the luxury and design furniture sector.

Auxiliary Tables

If we have to think of one of these products that is in fashion like no other, that is the wooden one, specifically the irregular ones. This type of Auxiliary Tables stand out from the rest because they are made entirely of solid wood.

The designs that they usually have are really striking since they do not follow a conventional aesthetic. So we can find organic forms that nature has designed. In addition, something that has become very fashionable in recent years are the wooden side tables that have been made from a piece of the trunk of a tree.

Indeed, a very high trend is to obtain small tables by making transverse cuts to a certain trunk. As if slices are cut from it, to later treat that piece of wood or "slice" with a specific oil for it and put the relevant legs.

This process results in a different and unique product that does not go unnoticed by anyone. Another strong point is the warm and homely atmosphere that gives the room without losing style and looking like an outdated object from another era.


Petrified Wood Coffee Tables

Another style closely related to the one we have mentioned above are the petrified wood tables. In this case, the wood known as fossil wood has undergone a process by which it has lost its organic part to be replaced by mineral matter. Which visually gives the feeling of being a stone.

This process of petrification or fossilization is carried out very slowly to ensure that the shape and structure of the wood itself is not affected. In such a way that once it is finished we can easily distinguish the growth rings. Even the most amateurs will be able to know even the type of tree that this wood comes from. Something really amazing for a fossilized wood.

Obviously we are before a table that has required a long time to be manufactured. So we are not facing a conventional table and much less low cost. In any case, it is a highly recommended option for all those rooms that need a different touch to make them unique and unbeatable.

A question that many people often have regarding these types of products is their resistance. It should be noted the fact that despite having been treated to reach the mentioned state of petrification, they do not lose their resistance and strength. So they can be used in a normal way without fear of breaking.

Raw Style Decoration

Finally we are going to talk about Raw style decoration for small tables. The main idea of ​​this style of decoration is to leave the furniture in its purest style. Without modifying it to be able to contemplate in this way its natural and wild beauty. Obviously we are talking about furniture made from wood.

The Raw Style should not be confused with a traditional and rustic style typical of a country house.

It's about using modern trends by mixing them with raw elements.

So the result will be a piece of furniture with a lot of personality which will evoke feelings of modernity mixed with wild nature.

This style of tables and furniture in general has become very popular lately due to the desire and movement that there is to maintain the beauty of imperfections. In this case, the natural lines of the trees. Well, it is more appreciated in this case to be able to have a table where we can see the lines of the tree, as well as its own knots or holes. To have a conventional wooden table, in which we cannot appreciate the beauty and imperfection of the tree itself.

These are just a few examples of the large number that are in the market, the truth is that new trends are incorporated every day that bring new designs to the market, making there an ideal table model for each person.

If you have any doubts or questions you can contact us, we will help you and advise you to choose your ideal table.