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Icono alto Height:
95 cm
Icono ancho Width:
90 cm
Icono fondo Depth:
90 cm
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Decorative and artisan pieces to create spaces with a warm, fresh and natural atmosphere.

Design Decoration

Interior decoration is one of the most important aspects when buying or renting a house. Decorating a home to your liking will make you feel comfortable in it and will increase your well-being.

For the decoration of the rooms of your house, there are many decorative elements that will mark the differentiating point of your house with respect to the others.

We are going to comment on which are the essential elements, explaining the most used and most innovative materials for their creation, as well as the use and functionality they have in the home.


Lamps are a fundamental element in a house, since they bring light to every room in the home.

Normally, we find three types of lamps in a house: ceiling lamps, floor lamps and table lamps. Each of them fulfills a function, but all can be original and exotic.

In recent years, in order to achieve that level of differentiation, wooden lamps are being chosen, that is, those formed by branches or roots in such a way that abstract and highly original shapes are achieved.

However, in the market, we can also find more classic lamps made of materials such as steel, iron or plastic.


Another decorative element that has become essential in recent years are sculptures.

The sculptures give a personal touch to the room as they perfectly define your style. These can be made of different materials such as wood, marble and steel, among others.

In the market, you can find sculptures of many different concepts: from the classic Greek, Roman or Mayan sculptures, to more abstract and natural sculptures of animals, objects or elements.

The ideal is to decorate the house with the sculptures that you like the most and that most represent you. The variety is endless, so it won't be difficult for you to find the idea you are looking for for your home.

Bed headboards

The headboards are the element that makes the difference in the bedrooms of your home.

The type of headboard you end up choosing will define the style of the room. The most used and purchased by customers are wooden headboards, wrought iron headboards and padded headboards.

The most functional of them is the wooden one, since most are made by hand and made to measure, being able to incorporate, in the same headboard, shelves and shelves that function as bedside tables. In addition, they are the most welcoming, being built with wild and natural woods.

The rest are very decorative and you can find many different shapes and styles.

Luxury Home Deco

Finally, another of the essential elements in a house are the decoration pieces. With them, we refer to all that element that decorates a house and gives it a personal touch.

Among these pieces we can find: flowerpots, vases, trays, mirrors or photo frames, among many others.

Each of them can be made of a multitude of materials, but it is you who will choose the material that best suits the rest of the furniture in your home.

The most common is to opt for materials such as steel, marble, wood or iron. While wood brings warmer, rustic and welcoming touches; iron or marble give the room a vintage, modern and sober style.

The decoration pieces are an extra in a house, but that does not mean that they are not, in the long term, essential elements that we all end up acquiring to turn the house into a more personal and ours.

Natural style decoration is becoming more and more fashionable. Using natural materials to decorate our homes helps us create warm, fresh and natural environments.

Exotic wood sculptures, rooted lamps, wild bed heads and carved wooden paintings. All of them are quality pieces created by hand.

The beauty of nature at home.