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Elegant wooden or ceramic vases and jars.

Ideal for decorating your garden or any corner of your home. All of them handcrafted and with the possibility of tailoring them.

Decorative Vases

Vases are a very decorative element in a house. Their use has increased in recent years, while their variety has increased.

Thus, it has gone from being used as an object where to place the flowers, to being a very decorative object that gives the house a personal and elegant touch.

In this regard, there are several designs and various materials with which these vases are made.

Nowadays, the trend and fashion mark two types of vases in high demand on the market: the tropical wood vase and the ceramic vase.

Wooden Vases

The tropical wood vases are ideal for outdoor and indoor use, and bring a rustic and natural touch to rooms.

In recent years, its purchase has proliferated as it is ideal to combine the sober and elegant style of a home with the most natural and warm style of this material. In addition, there is a very wide variety of sizes.

The use of tropical wood also makes it more resistant.

Ceramic Vases

They are the most common vases in the world of decoration and there are very varied shapes.

They are generally cylinder-shaped and oval. For this reason, they are the most used to place flowers, artificial or natural.

This material allows the vases to be used both inside the home and outside. The latest trends mean that they are used much more abroad. They are large size vases that decorate terraces and gardens with a very personal style.

Thus, vases have become an almost basic element in home decoration. The infinity of types, sizes and materials makes there the right option for the style of your home.

At Arrelart we make custom made vases with the finish that you like best.