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The Natural Stone River Basins, also known as River Stone, are made with a natural pebble rock due to the flow of river water rubbing over it for years. The water has sculpted each stone in a different way and the sun has helped to differentiate each one with its own unique personality.

We have sinks in a wide range of colors, from dark grays, pearls, sand colors and rusty browns.

In our wide variety of products, we find shades that allow the material to be adapted to any environment in your bathroom.

Despite being the most common in natural river stone sinks, at Arrelart we look for the most beautiful stones that the whimsical game of nature has created.

Natural River Stone Washbasins

The Natural Stone River Basins are very resistant, so you will have unique and durable pieces in your home. River stone is hand-carved and hand-polished in different ways to have a greater variety of styles, shapes and sizes.

With this type of material you get a warm atmosphere, where natural stone is the protagonist.

With large rocks, majestic pedestals are achieved that stand out imposingly in a luxurious bathroom.

Intended to decorate the bathroom of your home, a hotel or a spa and give them the touch of elegance and serenity that these natural stones provide.

Besides being a washbasin, it is a very decorative piece and adapts to any interior style. If you want to successfully combine these pieces, go for the Arrelart solid wood bathroom furniture. Decoration lovers have found a great ally to this concept.

This type of product should not be classified solely in the rustic style, if it is combined with minimalist style furniture, we will be able to give more prominence to the piece and a warm touch to our surroundings. This decorative line is one of the latest trends, as it has positioned itself among the most demanded styles when it comes to decorating.

Turn your bathroom into your oasis of calm with our Natural Stone River Basins.