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Wide variety of metal or wooden table legs to combine with any wooden or glass tabletop. We can make them to measure and with the finish that you like the most.

Designer table feet

The table legs are one of the furniture's most distinctive elements. With the passage of time and with the arrival of new fashions, the traditional table legs were left behind.

In this sense, the market variety of tables, and their corresponding table legs, is so wide that it is difficult to find which one best suits your needs and your way of life.

In addition, there are so many different types that it is difficult to find a table base that is in tune with the room where it will be placed.

For this reason, in this article, we are going to comment that two aspects should be taken into account before choosing the ideal table base for your home.

The material

Today, you can find table legs made of many types of materials. However, the most common and most resistant are steel and wood.

Wood fits in with the most natural style houses, nowadays wood in its purest form is widely used in decoration. The table legs made of root or wild wood are spectacular with a glass on top to be able to admire this wood in its most natural aspect. What is important about natural wood feet is their resistance over time, since it is one of the materials that deteriorates the least over the years.

The steel gives a more personal touch to the room, since it gives it a more New York and industrial air. For this reason, black steel has become very fashionable, especially.

It is important that it be made of stainless steel to avoid damage over time and with cleaning.

The form

The shape of the table base is another of the most important aspects when choosing the one that best suits you.

Depending on the shape of the room, it is often better to have a single table base in the center of it to make the most of the space and to be able to place more chairs.

In this sense, nowadays, it has become very fashionable to place the roots or the trunks of trees as a table base. The result is very original and novel.