What is Arrelart?

Hello, we want to present you our new project, ARRELART

Arrelart is a start-up company dedicated to the importation of wooden furniture and high decoration products from Indonesia.

This project was born from the illusion of being able to offer you a style of furniture crossing the wildest part that nature offers us with those touches of modernity that so much elegance gives.

Among our pieces you can find a great variety of styles and designs, some of which are impressive pieces of Balinese elaboration along with small decorative objects. The spaces and decoration made with the Arrelart furniture create a feeling where nature and elegance merge. Each of our pieces has its own story carved in woods such as teak, suar, tamarind, lychee ...

Our furniture is designed to decorate rooms in the house such as living rooms, bedrooms, terraces, gardens and any other place in our home where we want to add a point of design, luxury and high decoration that will delight our family, friends and guests.

All our pieces are made by hand by expert Indonesian carvers, reusing wood from recycled trees and generating exquisite unique pieces that make our home something very special and different from all others.

We can assure that the quality of our furniture has been verified with an exhaustive and continuous follow-up in the choice and manufacture, both by us and by experts residing in Indonesia.

We are pleased to say that practically all of our pieces are truly unique, since they are generated from the wonderful whim that nature offers us. A manufacturing history in each of them that we would love to share with you on our official blog.

We have pieces in stock and we can create any of them in the measures you need, understanding that since most of them are unique pieces they can never be the same as each other.

We remain at your entire disposal and we will be happy to answer any questions that may arise.

Thank you very much and welcome to the world of ARRELART