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The decoration of the walls is part of the design of your home. We have many types of headboards, exotic wood, teak, recycled wood and made with Toraja panels, these panels are decorative paintings of carved and polychrome wood made by artisans of the Toraja region. These artisans carve their designs on the wooden boards and then paint them to further enhance the decorative effect. We can make all the heads to measure and taste of the client.

Original Headboards

Headboards are one of the most decorative elements in a room, as well as being very functional.

Having a headboard on the wall of your bed allows you to increase the comfort of your rest. Why? Because it offers insulation from the wall, offering protection against the cold, and because they serve as a comfortable support for reading and other activities.

However, what stands out most about a headboard is its decorative power. On the market, there are many types of headboards and the choice of one or the other will define the style and personality of your room.

Wooden Headboards

Wooden headboards are one of the most decorative and functional options on the market. The use of tropical wood or natural wild roots is very fashionable in the new decorative trends, since they make the room more welcoming, warm and different.

In Arrelart we have several types:

-The tropical wood with a wild shape and in its most natural state possible. These designs give your room a very exotic air, making you feel closer to nature.

Those of carved wood. They are tropical wood headboards, where professional craftsmen from the Toraja ethnic group have manually carved these panels and give them a touch of color with traditional paints based on natural colorants.

Those made of recycled wood. Headboards made with pieces of recycled wood in a natural finish or with some color notes in a beautiful aged effect.

All of them have a natural and elegant charm that will bring a different air to your home. They can be used both as a headboard or wall decoration.

Possibility of making them to measure.