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At Arrelart we have a wide variety of high quality Stone Washbasins in different types of materials. All of them handcrafted by our team of professionals to decorate your bathroom. We can adapt them to the design, size, finish and material you need for your ideal decoration. Natural art in your home.

Original Countertop Washbasins

These Stone Sinks are gently polished on the inside and in most of them we wanted to preserve the natural structure on the outside. Thus making them unique and exclusive pieces.

Its wild appearance gives us a feeling of freshness and well-being that manages to transport us closer to nature.

Combine sinks and Furniture

Despite it seems that we are facing a rustic style, it is a trend capable of being integrated into different types of decoration. If we combine them with aesthetically perfect furniture and with straight lines, the contrast we achieve is spectacular and will highlight its exotic beauty even more.

Natural Designs

In interior design, we are betting on using little treated natural materials, playing with imperfections and keeping the piece in its most natural state possible. Natural beauty is one of the most appreciated. These types of products will help to have a more relaxed atmosphere in your home, providing warmth, balance and great personality.

If, on the other hand, you are a lover of straight lines, we have collections with a great variety of different types of natural stone sinks, with marked and defined contours.

These sinks provide us with an incomparable wealth as they are natural materials.

Bet on them and turn your bathroom into an oasis of calm.

How to choose the perfect sink

If you are thinking of reforming your bathroom and you would like to have a unique piece in our store you will find infinite possibilities. Some of the fundamental questions we have to ask ourselves to know how to choose the perfect sink for your home are:

Frequency of Use.- Do we have a toilet at home or do we have several? Do we live as a couple or are we a large family?

By answering these questions we will know much better what we need for our home

Sink Size.- Depending on the size, we can choose between different sizes of sinks. Always thinking about saving space

Cleaning.- It is important that the product we have chosen is accessible in all its points and that we also do not have to move any furniture. Regarding cleaning products, we recommend that you use neutral soaps to disinfect and clean the surfaces of the sink without harming the health of your family and the ecosystem.