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Wooden Bathroom Furniture

Wide variety of solid wood bathroom furniture. We make custom furniture and with the design that you like the most.

Rustic Bathroom Furniture

Currently, the market offers a very wide variety of bathroom furniture, in terms of materials and types of furniture.

On the one hand, in terms of materials, it should be noted that, in recent years, both furniture and countertops, there is a tendency to use wood in its natural state.

Thus, tropical wood and olive wood have begun to be used for its manufacture. They are noble woods that ensure the durability of the furniture. Teak wood is also used, both in the countertop and in the furniture.

At Arrelart we have two types of bathroom furniture.

Bathroom furniture to the floor

They are one of the most common types of furniture. Products can be stored inside, or, in some of them, a decorative and functional basket can be placed on your shelf.

Our bathroom furniture is made of solid Teak wood, as it is a wood that is highly resistant to water and has a natural beauty that makes you fall in love.

Bathroom countertops

This type of furniture is the most original and its use has increased notably in recent years.

It is furniture anchored to the wall, which does not have legs or baseboards, so it leaves a wide space between the furniture and the floor.

Visually, it looks like a very stylish and modern piece of furniture. The bathroom looks very original and different from classic bathrooms.

It is important that the wall where it is to be installed is resistant. Therefore, before placing it, the wall in question is checked and analyzed.