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Decorative wall mirrors in different types of wood.

Possibility of making them to measure and with the design that you like the most.

Decorative mirrors

Mirrors are a key decorative element in the home. They can be located in any room of the house, such as the bathroom, bedroom, dressing room or hall.

These objects give a feeling of spaciousness and light to the place in the house where it is placed. It is an element that is not usually missing in a home.

Over time, mirrors are made from more and more different types of materials. The mirror frame will make a difference and the originality of the object in a home.

Thus, the use of materials such as tropical wood has increased, due to its resistance and durability, or such as recycled wood, which contributes to environmental protection and sustainability.

Whatever the material, the reality is that you can achieve an infinite number of shapes with them, achieving trend-setting mirrors or more classic mirrors.

In terms of shape, five different types of mirrors can be distinguished: circular mirrors, rectangular mirrors, oval mirrors, square mirrors, and abstract mirrors.

On many occasions, the simplicity of the mirrors makes them the perfect complement to a sober or elegant bathroom.

Mirrors can also be purchased without a frame. This option is ideal for people looking to reform or decorate the room in a minimalist way.

In conclusion, the market offers many options in terms of decorative mirrors, so you will always find the one that best suits your style and your needs.

At Arrelart we can make the mirror of your dreams to measure and with the finish and material that you like the most.