All products are sent by transport company.

The transport company is only authorized to transport the package from the Arrelart warehouse to the client's address AT FOOT OF THE STREET, so if you live in a farm with flats, attic, single-family house, the transport will deliver the merchandise to the portal of your building or home, never inside the building, home or private home.

The carrier is not authorized to go up to the flat or home, the product purchased by the customer.

In the product file Arrelart informs in icons the need to:

Number of people needed to transport the product.

Possibility of raising it by the generic elevator of a residential building, by weight or dimensions.

Need to use a "mechanical bull" to transport the product due to its volume and / or weight.

The use of an elevator is recommended by companies designed to lift the product to the customer's home.

Arrelart can gladly inform all customers both by email and by Phone: 676 840 608 of the characteristics and transportation needs for each product if the customer needs more information than that shown in the product file.

Arrelart will accept the return of the products in the event that the client does not accept the product once it has been delivered ON THE STREET, the client having to pay the transport costs of delivery to their address and collection of the product to be returned to the Arrelart warehouse .

If the product suffers any damage due to having been on the street for a while with the risk of rain, blows or breakage as well as during the time that the product is out of the control of Arrelart and the transport agency, the client will have to pay the product and / or the damages caused by these circumstances.

If the client must pay for any damage or problem of the product, it will be deducted from the payment made to Arrelart. Arrelart after inspection of the product and Arrelart will return this difference of money to the customer.