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Icono alto Height:
15 cm
Icono ancho Width:
40 cm
Icono fondo Depth:
40 cm

In our bathroom section you will find the best design products for a natural style decoration that will make you fall in love. Natural stone bathtubs and sinks that, combined with our solid wood bathroom furniture, turn your bathroom into an oasis of calm.

Modern bathrooms

The decoration of modern bathrooms is one of the reforms that has more alternatives on the market. There are hundreds of ideas and different materials with which to build the bathroom of your dreams.

These are the best materials to reform your bathroom and the elements that are most fashionable today

 Marble bathrooms

The marble finishes are the one in the reform of your bathroom. Marble is a natural rock that is formed from limestone rocks.

Thus, it has become the most used material for its resistance, durability and quality. In addition, it is very easy to clean.

The trends, nowadays, are the protagonists of combining marble with natural wood. The results are spectacular, giving your space personality.

Marble washbasin designs tend to be straighter and more traditional, although at Arrelart we also have models with a wild exterior, providing a more exotic air to your bathroom.

Stone baths

The stone bathrooms are one of the most innovative in terms of decoration. The option of being able to have a freestanding stone bathtub in your bathroom has meant that many people choose this material.

Stone is a noble natural material that does not require much maintenance or cleaning and is ideal for wet areas. Hence, its use in the bathroom has proliferated.

There are many types of stone, at Arrelart we have a wide variety of sinks in different types of natural stone.

This type of material gives the bathroom warmth and is ideal to combine with accessories finished in chrome and wood. The chrome adds shine and elegance, and the wood warmth. A very modern and very personal contrast.

Wooden baths

Finally, we will comment on the tendency to decorate and reform bathrooms with wood.

Wood is one of the most used materials in furniture construction and renovations. However, its use in bathrooms has been a trend recently.

Teak wood and wild wood are the most used for bathroom furniture and countertops, as they add warmth and sophistication to the room.

The combination of wood with other materials, especially natural stone, manages to give the room a contemporary and modern feel.

And the jewel par excellence is petrified wood, a resistant, durable and incredibly beautiful material. A sink with this material is a luxury for your bathroom.